LANwire Systems is an experienced company in the installation of network cabling and implementation of an IT infrastructure.

LANwire Systems installs network cabling for company’s looking to optimize their production.

We offer many options for network cabling depending on the needs of our client. We ensure that all work is properly designed before any work begins in order to complete the project as soon and as effectively as possible. We understand that perhaps up to this point, network cabling may have been a problem so we will strive to offer the most efficient and streamlined cabling for your specific network. We provide racks for your routers, switches and servers in order to best organize the network cabling associated with them. Proper organization is important when there is some sort of failure and a network must be back up and running right away. With the cabling organized, it is easy to see where a problem could be, how to remedy the problem, and to actually solve the issue.

We can also install devices to promote a more productive IT infrastructure.

A company with an IT infrastructure consists of a company who has adopted and absorbed technology forward devices into their day to day activities. These types of devices include projectors, TV’s, wireless devices, networks, and other types of equipment that could potentially need service by the IT department. This type of infrastructure promotes a more productive and efficient company or business. Here at LANwire, we recommend the implementation of these types of devices and we also perform the custom installation of these devices. An IT infrastructure we believe is necessary to truly become a successful company with a professional environment to meet and greet clients. We install these IT infrastructure devices the same way we install network cabling, in a streamlined and organized fashion. Due to the nature of the devices, we can usually hide the majority of cables so your business space always looks very sleek and professional. After all, the point of having an IT infrastructure is to have a forward looking, modern company.