Cable Demo

In recent years, the National Fire Protection Agency ("NFPA") and the National Electric Code® ("NEC") have focused their attention on the potential safety threat posed by abandoned cabling throughout commercial buildings.  Abandoned cables are a source for fueling fire, smoke and toxic fumes that can be lethal. Today, the National Electrical Code (NEC 2002) requires that all abandoned copper and fiber cable be removed.  Abandoned wires are defined by the NEC to be the,"Installed cable that is not terminated at both ends at a connector or other equipment and not identified for future use with a tag." Literally, miles of cable left in the ceilings and in the walls from previous tenants of the years have accumulated in buildings over the last several decades. These abandoned wires may now render your property out of code, jeopardize your fire insurance , and represent a significant legal liability . The new rules make it a violation to have abandoned wires in your building's risers or plenums and, in addition, mandate the use of specific wiring standards for new installs. The new NEC rules are very complex and confusing, causing building owners to wonder which way to turn.  LANwire technicians have been trained to identify abandoned cables according to code and can provide cable removal services without disruptions within your existing network.‚Äč